Gastroenterologist Questions Liver Diseases

I am into heavy drinking. Is it too late to save my liver?

I've been drinking for around 30 years and I feel like I am doomed for liver disease. Can you tell me ways in which I could protect my liver?

4 Answers

First, you need to know if there is liver damage and how much. You should see a GI or liver specialist and get a work up. A good test to look for the amount of damage (scarring) to the liver is a fibroscan. It can tell you how far along you might be on the road to cirrhosis. You may not be doomed, so get some information first on how much scarring had occurred so far. Stopping all alcohol can reverse the damage if it has not progressed too far.
Please stop drinking.
It's never too late to stop drinking alcohol.
Stop drinking alcohol! Make it a priority to visit a Gastroenterologist/ hepatologist. Do not procrastinate, that’s not going to help.