Gastroenterologist Questions Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Diarrhea (IBS-D)

help for excessive IBS diarrhea pain

I’ve been tested many times IBS excesses diarrhea every day. food does not process just empties within 30 min. most days stay in bed. cause stress been tested for everything colon recently. stress related vesis cycle 66 years old. live in pepto in pain all the time. DO NOT WANT PAIN MEDICINE nothing helps

Female | 66 years old
Complaint duration: years
Conditions: IBS

3 Answers

You need to be properly treated for IBS. You have a prominent gastrocolic reflex causing diarrhea after eating. There is treatment available and you should go back to your GI doctor and insist on being treated. If the GI doctor refuses to do anything or doesn't offer anything useful, then find one that will. The sad reality is that a lot of GI docs don't want to be bothered to treat IBS. Don't give up.
Try peppermint oil 20-30 minutes before meals. Avoid cold drinks. Use room temperature or warmer drinks. Have small meals

Shelby Samuel, MD
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Please get to see your Gastroenterologist for your symptoms. There are new remedies for diarrhea predominant IBS.