Surgeon Questions Hernia

My hernia has developed again. Should I get it operated on?

I underwent a hernia operation six months ago. However, I again developed a similar pain and the scans have indicated that I am having a small hernia. Should I again go in for a surgery?

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It is strongly recommended to have surgery again and correct the problem. You and your doctor must analyze the causes for this recurrence of the hernia. Good luck
You should definitely see a surgeon that does hernia surgery routinely. If this was done open, it could be approached minimally invasively.

Tracey R. Childs, MD, MPH
I guess from what you are saying that you have already had yourself checked and you do have another small hernia? Is it in the same place? If it is you must have not took all the steps to make sure that you did not tare it out again. If it is the same place the surgery will take longer to heal and it will cause you more pain. Talk to your Doctor and do what ever they tell you to do to the letter. People do sometimes do a lot of harm to there body when they do not do what they are told to do.
This depends on how distressing the symptoms are. Most of surgeons would recommend a repair for a recurrent hernia if it is causing symptoms. Unfortunately the first repair usually has best the results and subsequent repairs can have a higher risk of recurrence.
If you have pain, get it repaired with a mesh.
If not too symptomatic, would wait.
I cannot answer this without seeing the scans and examining you. A considerable proportion of hernia surgery patients will have pain postoperatively. Pain by itself does not mean recurrence. On the other hand, a CT scan is not the appropriate way to diagnose a hernia.
Is the hernia in your groin or around your belly button? Was mesh placed the first time or was the hernia repaired only with sutures? I would typically recommend a different approach to fixing a hernia the second time.

Do you have any risk factors for forming hernias- factors that increase pressure inside your abdomen, such as obesity, a chronic cough from smoking, chronic constipation, or difficulty urinating due to prostate problems?