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Homeopathic medicine for immunity support?

I've been getting sick way too often, and I think I have a very poor immune system. Are there any homeopathic medicine available to help boost my immunity?

3 Answers

Yes and No. Everyone wants a magic vitamin or some sort of anti-oxidant but we have not proven a particular vitamin boosts one's immune system. But there are things we can do to try and help our immune system. Limit alcohol and tobacco use. Get adequate sleep. Make sure to stay up to date on your immunizations. But there is a not a magic pill. But if you want to take vitamin C, Zinc or Omega 3 fish oils they are safe overall and unlikely to cause any harm. Except to maybe your wallet.

Try this.
You could use vitamin C which stimulates your immune system. Watch for your daily diet, because if you eat too much fast food and a poor nutrition might be the cause of low defenses.