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How often should I get my teeth cleaned from a dentist?

I have heard that periodic cleaning and checkups from a dentist can help in delaying tooth problems like root canals. How often should I get my teeth cleaned from a dentist?

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This would depend on your dentist's or periodontist's recommendations. Some people need only twice a year, some quarterly, and some even monthly. Your dentist is the best one to advise you on your needs.
It is most common that people get a cleaning 2 times a year. At that time (very case dependent) they often take at least bitewing x-rays to see if any cavities are present. Some people may need cleanings 3-4 times a year.
Every 6 months is recommended, but if you have a lot of plaque or don't floss every day, then I would do every 4 months depending on your insurance.
Depending on your periodontal status. Regular cleanings should be scheduled every 6 months.
For patients without periodontal disease, a prophy (“dental cleaning”) every 6 months is appropriate. For patients that have been diagnosed with periodontal disease, a more frequent maintenance schedule is set. These patient typically require a periodontal maintenance (“cleaning”) appointment every 3 or 4 months. In addition to the regular “cleaning” appointments, patients should receive an annual full mouth dental exam by the dentist.
You should see your dentist for cleaning, bitewing and exams every 6 months.
Generally, twice yearly cleanings and checkups are recommended, though some people may require more frequent visits if they have been prone to recurrent decay or gum/bone loss issues.
Every patient has different needs in regards to how often you should have dental hygiene visits. In general, patients with healthy teeth who perform good oral hygiene care at home will see their dental hygienist twice a year.
Normally at every 6 months, but sometimes your dentist may tell you every 3 months if you have the signs of Periodontal disease like bleeding from the gums while brushing.
You should get your teeth cleaned and also checked by your dentist at least twice per year.