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How are you supposed to feel after acupuncture?

I am a 32 year old male. I will have my first acupuncture treatment next week. How are you supposed to feel after acupuncture?

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You should feel looser and lighter after your acupuncture session, it means you are doing better.
Everyone is different and ranges from sleepiness and calm to energized with clarity. Generally there are no adverse effects but you should tell your practitioner if you experience any headache or nausea.
Hi, acupuncture is generally relaxing. After the treatment some people feel very relaxed, but it is not unusual to feel greater energy also. I recommend that my patients rest after a treatment as much as possible and drink lots of water. Especially if they were experiencing pain prior to the treatment and are now pain free. Rest helps the body to accept the changes made during the treatment.
The response is individual. Depending on what health concern is being treated, some people feel relaxed, some energized and other are in much less pain.
Hi! This will depend on what type of acupuncture treatment you receive. Generally, patients express that they feel a lot more relaxed and calm - some people even fall asleep during or after their sessions. If you're getting treated for pain, you will most likely feel immediate relief of at least 3-7 points on a 10-point pain level.
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It's a very good question, most patients feel relaxed, calm, less pain after treatment.

Usually patients will feel euphoric after treatment. This can last anywhere between a few days to a few days. If you had a muscular issue that was addressed during treatment, you may feel slightly sore for a day or two.
Most acupuncture treatments leave you feeling refreshed and revived. Some people even feel as if they’ve meditated or have gone to a spa. It all depends on what you’re being treated for and who the practitioner is and what their specialty might be. Whatever your treatment is, you can always ask for a spirit point to add to your treatment. This has the potential to make you feel better emotionally mentally and spiritually.
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Please keep in mind everyone responds to acupuncture differently. However, typically, most people tend to feel relaxed, or fatigued in addition to experiencing some alleviation in their symptoms post-session. Some people may experience a brief worsening of their condition, usually 1-2 days post-session. How you feel post-session can greatly depend on the reason you're seeking treatment; for a more personalized and detailed response ask your acupuncturist before your session. Also, before your session, eat a light meal, and stay hydrated before and after your session.
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Sashana, L.Ac.
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Typically, people will feel relaxed and more clear headed. I encourage patients to drink a lot of water after their treatment and if they feel sleepy or want to take a nap, that can be very normal and for them to honor that.


Leanne Mitchell, Dipl. L.Ac, MAOM, LMT, ES
There is no hard and fast rule to what you should feel after acupuncture. Everyone experiences something different, but most patients tell me that they feel more relaxed. If you are seeking treatment for a pain condition, there will most likely be some relief from pain after treatment, although, not always. It could be a gradual amelioration of pain over the course of several treatments. It's important to know that acupuncture is not a quick fix. With medications, for example, Western society is used to seeing immediate relief from NSAID's, which usually just masks the pain. Acupuncture works to treat the root of the problem, not the symptoms, which takes time.
How you live your life will also effect treatment outcomes; quality of sleep, stress level, activity level, eating habits, weight issues and so on. It should be noted that acupuncture is not going to "fix" what is broken. One must take a look at lifestyle habits that may have caused the problem to begin with. Practicing internal exercises such as yoga, tai chi, etc., will certainly help with stress level, at the very least, if not pain management. Losing weight, if that is an issue, can definitely help. Adjusting sleep patterns, such as getting to bed earlier, getting longer, deeper, restorative sleep, not eating close to bedtime can make a big difference in pain level. Restorative rest, reaching the REM cycle of sleep, helps with nerve regeneration, regulates hormone levels, etc. and will help with pain conditions as well as stress reduction. Adding exercise to your daily regimen will boost mood and improve mobility affecting pain and stress levels.
Try not to have any expectations from acupuncture. There are varied responses to treatment and sometimes there is no change right away. Remember the old saying, if it took you 10 years to walk into the woods, it will take another 10 to get out. Remain open minded. Do some research on acupuncture so you feel more informed before getting treatment. Alert your practitioner as to any questions or concerns you have before treatment so you can relax and enjoy your session. Good luck and be well!!!
Relaxed, calm, even happy.
Hello! You will be in a relax state after post acupuncture treatments. If you are in serious pain, expect 20-30% pain reduction.
Hello & thank you for your question! After acupuncture, you should feel relaxed and at ease, but depending on your chief complaint and symptomology, you may also leave with energy - this just varies from person to person. You should also notice an improvement in sleep. Occasionally, people may feel some lightheadedness after their treatment, which is usually a result of the acupuncture moving energies and fluids within the body that may have been stuck for quite some time, but this should be minor and temporary, usually helped with hydration and time, and maybe a piece of dark chocolate! To help avoid this, be sure to eat a protein-snack prior to your appointment, or a light meal 1 hr prior.
For my rich experience, after acupuncture, patients told me that they got lots energy, feel very happy, walking with light pace, don't want eat, got lots of bowel movement,, night time went to the bed right away fell asleep, etc.
Relaxed and less discomfort.
Relaxed and well.

In a word, relaxed! You may not feel an immediate change in the condition you're seeking acupuncture for, but at the end of every treatment, my patients always comment that they feel a sense of relaxation and wellbeing.
Well, hopefully, you'll feel some reduction in the symptoms that brought you to an acupuncturist in the first place.

Occasionally, a person will feel fatigued or light headed after their first treatment. I usually have folks make sure to eat a small meal or light snack either just before or just after treatment and this helps to alleviate feelings of fatigue.

Otherwise, you shouldn't notice anything different. if you do, and you have any question as to whether your experience is normal, your best bet is to contact your provider and let them know what you're experiencing.