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How can I fix receding gums naturally?

I am a 40 year old male. I want to know how can I fix receding gums naturally?

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Once your gums have receded they will not "naturally" come back to the same level. New treatments with plastic surgery and the LANAP laser can restore gum height. Ask tour dentist or specialist periodontist.
Recession can only be corrected by a periodontist.
Sadly, you can't! Make sure you are using a soft top brush and not brushing toot hard!
Unfortunately there is no way for you to fix it naturally. You can take great care or them so that they do not recede further but to fix the issue you will need to see your dentist and discuss the best treatment for you
Receding gums can only be "fixed" with a dental procedure like orthodontics to move teeth into a better position to maintain healthy gum architecture. Gum surgery can also be performed to help stop recession and slightly reverse it. Brush your teeth with a soft tooth brush to reduce trauma to the gums.
Receding gums can be caused by multiple reasons including gum disease and grinding or brushing hard. I would recommend you have it evaluated by a dentist.
If you have receding gums, you may have a type of gum disease known as periodontitis. This is an inflammatory process. It is of utmost importance that you seek professional care to make an accurate diagnosis and then get proper treatment.

Scott M. Dubowsky, DMD
Recession is a process that once it starts it can only be stabilized or continue to recede. To prevent further recession, see a dentist for treatment options.
Unfortunately, there are no proven natural remedies to fix or repair gums that have receded, however it is possible to prevent further recession of the gums. Brushing with too much force can cause the gums to recede. If your toothbrush bristles tend to flare out, you are brushing with too much pressure. If your clench or grind (brux), wearing an occlusal guard (night guard) at night can assist in decreasing gingival recession.

Sorry to hear about your receding gums. Natural remedies for receding gums would include making sure that your teeth are clean (this may mean starting with a dental cleaning, especially in the lower front). Brushing, flossing, mouth wash, soft tooth brush all help; however, the best treatment would be one that is catered to the underlying cause of the receding gums (this would require a diagnosis). Also, it is important to note that receding gums can only be stopped in its tracks. It cannot be reversed without gingival grafts.

Hope this helps!

William F. Scott IV, DMD
It’s a procedure that needs a dentist! You can floss, use soft toothbrush so it doesn’t get worst