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How can I get my braces off sooner?

I am a 25 year old male and I currently have braces. How can I get my braces off sooner?

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Keep them clean and wear rubber bands.
Keep your mouth exceptionally clean, wear elastics as directed like 24/7, wear aligners the required hours, keep appointments, repair any breakage ASAP, ask your orthodontist about the benefit of accelerated treatment with Propel or vibrating auxiliaries that claim to shorten treatment time. The most advanced acceleration which is invasive is Wilcodontics, proven to cut treatment time in half.
We are currently doing a trial for an appliance called Propel that creates a high frequency vibration that passes through the teeth and stimulates the skeletal changes around the roots to occur at a more rapid rate. So far we are seeing very promising results . Although the Propel unit is not new in orthodontics, we believe, that it has now been perfected and the results of accelerated tooth movement are good.
Have to ask your orthodontist

Your teeth should move at a steady and slow pace. This is done so that your alignment will be well adjusted.

Thank you for your question.
Maintain excellent oral hygiene. Take good care not to break any part of the braces. Keep all of your scheduled appointments. Wear elastic bands as instructed.
Ask your orthodontist about Propel. It is a device that you use 5 minutes a day and sends a certain frequency vibration to the teeth and can decrease time by about 50%. It does have a high price tag though. It definitely works, the research was done at the orthodontic dept. where I teach part time.

Dr. Harrell

When you had your initial consultation with the your orthodontist you were given an approximate time frame for treatment. This time frame was based on your orthodontist’s experience treating your type of problem. He will try to treat you as quickly as possible. All patients treatment is most effective and timely when they are “good” patients- don’t miss appointment, be on time, take care of your appliances and follow the orthodontist’s instructions.
Hello, there has been some good research in to shortening treatment times. A co-resident or mine did a large study to predict cases that would treat in faster times and found that excellent oral hygiene, not missing appointments, and having less overbite at the start of treatment was associated with faster treatments. My experience has been that patients with excellent brushing, fewer broken braces and wires, and excellent wear of rubber bands when needed treat the fastest. I would highly recommend that you focus on excellent brushing and flossing especially keeping your gums clean. Try to avoid any hard or excessively sticky foods that could break or bend the braces. Be sure that you follow any instructions about rubber bands if asked to wear them. Beyond that, most other aspects of treatment time are out of your control.

There has been a strong push for devices that vibrate to accelerate treatment times. The research on these devices shows minimal changes in treatment time. Many patients are paying extra for these devices. I do not recommend them since they have minimal changes in overall treatment times. I hope this helps! -John
Find a doctor that does Propel