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How can I push my teeth back without braces?

I am a 29 year old male. I want to know how can I push my teeth back without braces?

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Repositioning of your teeth can be also performed by clear aligners known as Invisalign. You will need a consultation to see the best option in your case.
Well you could try going to your local bar, having a few too many cocktails and then insulting the biggest guy in the place! Or you can bite the bullet so to speak and do the proper orthodontic work either metal braces or clear Invisalign.
Invisalign works as orthodontics without braces. Quicker easier and better
Many options besides traditional braces exist today to straighten teeth. An orthodontist is a dentist who specializes is this area. Please get a consult, often free, to see your choices before the teeth crowd more.