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How can I realign my neck?

I am a 38 year old female. I want to know how can I realign my back?

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No, you hear popping and cracking sounds, which is gas releasing in your joint.
You can't. Go to Chiro.
Please let a professional (i.e., chiropractor) do that for you! You would never re-align your own car -- you take it to the mechanic and let the pro do it right! Please take care of your spine and spinal cord system, and I wish you great health and good luck.


Dr. Brandon Buttry
Strong advice. See a licensed chiropractor. Self adjusting is dangerous and can cause serious, long-lasting damage.

Yours in health,

Doc J
Realignment of the neck and back are achieved through specific adjustments to the spine combined with postural exercises to maintain the alignment. Since you won't be able to do any specific adjustments to yourself, focus.
You should not do it by yourself. All you can do at home is to gently stretch your neck. The real alignment should be done by a professional chiropractor! Consequences of doing it by yourself at home could be harsh and it could lead to fatality!
See a chiropractor.
This must be performed by a licensed Chiropractor for efficacy and safety.
The best way is to visit your chiropractor.