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How can I remove stains from my teeth at home?

I am a 36 year old male and I have tooth stains from smoking. How can I remove stains from my teeth at home?

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Hygienist may be able to get the stains off for you.
Brush often. Rinse with water after smoking
Baking soda brushing once per 1-2 weeks. Too much doing it will remove your enamel, so be aware that it is very dangerous to use it too much.
If brushing is not helping, consider to see a hygienist
You can brush and floss more efficiently but smoking will stain even small amounts of plaque that accumulates on the surface of your teeth. Here is the best advice.........Stop smoking, you will live longer with nicer looking teeth!
Here is the simple long term answer. First get all the stains professional removed by a dental hygienist. Second, Have your dentist make a "PerioProtect" tray ( google it). Then use it daily. Now you can smoke or drink coffee and your teeth will not become stained. There are other added benefits to "PerioProtect" First it is designed to push low concentration of Hydrogen Perioxide ( a natural chemical your body makes) under your gums to get your gums remarkably healthy and prevent the bacteria under your gums from spreading throughout your body causing know systemic problems. Second the continued use of "PerioProtect" will BLEACH your teeth preventing them from ever being stained thru coffee,tea, smoke etc. Third, you will have the most beautiful white smile. PerioProtect is the best invention I have seen in my 40+ years as a dentist!

I don't think you can remove the stains by brushing your teeth at home.
Have professional teeth cleanings done by hygienists or dentists
The best way would be to get a professional cleaning by your dentist. At home, you can try tooth whitening toothpastes, but should not be used with smoking at increases risks of mouth cancer. Another alternative, would be using toothpastes with baking soda.
Unless your are trying to avoid a visit to the dentist, it's best if you get a professional cleaning at the dentist by the hygienist, then maintain it with great oral hygiene at home.


Bruce L. Elkind, DDS, PA
Have you considered stopping smoking? If smoking is staining your teeth, what is smoking doing to your throat, bronchial membranes, and lungs? Smoking is AFFECTING your mouth tissues, not just your teeth. You need to floss your teeth correctly daily and brush your teeth correctly daily. A visit to your dentist can remove those stains. You have to floss and brush correctly daily, every day to prevent those stains from returning.
You will need a dentist to have the stains removed using a piezo scaler. In order to prevent further staining, make sure you brush effectively and rinse with water after meals/smoking. Other options include using whitening products to remove mild staining.