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How can I stop kidney pain?

I am a 40 year old male and I have kidney pain. How can I stop kidney pain?

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First, know for sure it’s kidney pain. Get blood tests that check creatinine bun GFR. Also, a urinalysis will shed some light on your problem. Severe flank pains can also represent kidney stones.
Please get evaluated for a kidney stone or kidney infection. Those are common causes of kidney pain.
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Get it looked into
How to stop kidney pain depends upon the reason you are having pain. Kidney stones, kidney infections, kidney cancer and a number of other things can cause kidney pain. In addition, sometimes pain from a disc or other back problem can mimic kidney pain. I suggest you see a urologist to determine the cause severe pain and what the solution should be. Best of luck.
It's important to find the cause and treat the cause to stop the pain. Reach out to a doctor to find the cause if you have not already.