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How can I strengthen my teeth?

I want to know the best way to strengthen my teeth to prevent enamel loss. Do you have any recommendations?

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First is always get regular check-ups with your dentist. If you have thin enamel, they will be able to recommend prescription toothpaste and mouthwash. Your bite has to be evaluated as well to see if you have a tendency towards bruxism.
Don't eat junk food. Oral hygiene maintenance. Twice a day brushing. Eat calcium supplements. Do floss 5 days a week.
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You should go to see an orthodontist. That willthat will straighten your teeth by an orthodontist and that is what you need to do.
About acidic food, use proper toothpaste for enamel improvement
Proper diet, oral hygiene, medium-soft toothbrush
Dear patient,

You will need to do proper brushing technique and eat enough minerals so your diet will be balanced.
Toothpaste with fluoride. Brush a minimum of twice and floss a minimum of once a day. That will help in the prevention of getting cavities.
Absolutely, the most important way to strengthen tooth enamel is to avoid carbohydrates between meals. Your teeth actually absorb calcium when there is no sugars in the mouth healing any damage caused during a meal. Interfering with these healing periods too frequently will lead to those holes in the teeth that we call 'cavities.' The whole point is frequency, not quantity. Eat whatever you want at meal time. Between meals, avoid all carbohydrates including fruits, dairy, grains, and starches. This will include beer, wine, and any other form of alcohol.
The best way to prevent enamel loss is a program of proper hygiene that might include a fluoride rinse and an enamel supporting toothpaste like Pronamel by Sensodyne. I have had patients that enjoy sucking on lemons. Do NOT do this. The acid will demineralize and weaken your enamel.
The best way to keep your teeth strong, and avoid the dentist as much as possible:

1. Brush and floss every night before you go to sleep. (Morning helps too of course, but night is far more important). Don't have anything other than water after you brush at night. And make sure your toothpaste has flouride in it.

2. Minimize acidic drinks (soda, juice, lemon water), or if you can't, at least drink them with a straw, and/or rinsing with water afterwards wouldn't hurt either.

3. Avoid snacking between meals. Remember, it's not just table sugar that causes cavities - any food with calories will do the same if it's stuck on your tooth.

4. Remove your wisdom teeth, unless your dentist tells you otherwise.

5. If you're a grinder, get a nightguard.
To strengthen your enamel requires the use of fluoride. This comes in many different forms, gel, toothpaste, rinses, etc. Using fluoride can help remineralize weakened enamel and also strengthen existing enamel. Check with your dentist to find the right form for you and the right dosage; too much is not good either.

Don't eat cariogenic foods. Brush your teeth daily.