Dentist Questions Wisdom Teeth

How can I recover after surgery to remove my wisdom teeth?

I have a surgery scheduled for next week to remove my wisdom teeth (just 2). I need to know how I can recover from the surgery without either causing more damage or delaying my progress. What can I do?

10 Answers

Follow the instructions the dentist gives you
Rest for the first day or 2 after surgery, ice to your face the first day, keep you head elevated after surgery, don't use a straw the first week, nothing carbonated during that time frame and take your medications as directed. They should give you a list of post op instructions after your surgery to follow at home.
Have the surgeon place collagen plugs/grafts in the site to help the healing process. Avoid smoking/sucking through a straw, etc for several days. Warm salt water rinses the following day helps the healing process.
Just follow the post op instructions the provider gives. Do not eat hard foods, drink carbonated drinks, smoke, swish vigorously, or play with area and you should heal fine
Once you have the wisdom teeth removed, follow the post operative protocol instruction sheet given to you by your oral surgeon or dentist. It will lay everything you need to know about how to take care of the area and what to avoid in order for faster healing.
The doctor should give you instructions on how to care for the extraction sites after your have your wisdom teeth removed. Comfort during healing also depends on which wisdom teeth your are having removed and why you are having them removed. Upper wisdom teeth have less trauma with removal so the healing process is easier. Impacted teeth need to be sectioned into pieces to remove them so there could be complications.
Keep the area clean. Don’t disturb the blood clot inside the extraction site.
Follow the post-operative instructions from your surgeon closely.
The best way to recover is to follow the post-op instructions your dentist will give you. Make sure you take your medication as prescribed (pain is much easier to prevent than get rid of, so don’t wait for the pain to take your meds. I would start before the anesthesia wears off. Rest, no physical activity for a week and no smoking. Don’t spit, if there is blood let it drip in sink. Hope could have helped and good luck.
Always follow the instructions given after surgery. Sometimes you may be given instructions prior to the surgery too. What ever the instance is be compliant and listen to your dentist. If you have pain, a symptom or a question make sure you contact your dentist right away. Do not wait especially close to the weekend.