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How can you get rid of a cavity without going to the dentist?

Is it possible to get rid of cavities on your own, without going to the dentist? I have two cavities now that are causing me mild pain.

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A cavity in your tooth means a you have a hole in your tooth that is gets larger and big. Need to be repair. Go to see a Dentist.
You cannot get rid of dental cavities by yourself. If they are causing you pain, no matter how mild, it is important to get them treated before they enter the nerve space, requiring a root canal.
You can’t
It is not possible to get rid of cavities on your own, but I agree that it would be great if you could! Or if your body could heal the area! :)
You can't get rid of a cavity without a doctor, but you can do preventive measures. Cavities or tooth decay can have an adverse effect on your dental health. Some measures which a person can use to keep away from dental caries or tooth decay include:

1. Brushing daily for at least two times with toothpaste that have an appearance of fluoride is a good option to advance for. Also, try to drink water that contains fluoride.
2. Frequent between-meal eating is responsible for exposing the teeth to a constant acid assault, so try to limit snacks of any type.
3. Making a limit of starches in the diet can help in preventing tooth decay as it creates an acid surrounding in the mouth.
4. Make a visit to the dentist’s office once every six months for a dental exam to save yourself from cavities as well as other problems.

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No, that is not possible, unless you extract the tooth yourself. Go visit the dentist.