Phlebologist Questions Spider Veins

How dangerous are spider veins?

I have spider veins on both of my thighs. Their appearance doesn't bother me too much, but I'm worried about them having negative effects. Are spider veins dangerous if left untreated?

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Hello. There is nothing dangerous anticipated if spider veins go untreated. They typically only require treatment if they become symptomatic.
Spider veins in of themselves are not dangerous. In rare instances they can slightly protrude above the skin surface and bleed when nicked, such as when shaving. The amount of bleeding however, is small, and inconsequential. But, the presence of widespread spider veins could indicate that there is an issue with pressure in the larger, deeper veins in the legs. If there is increased pressure in those veins, it can be transmitted to the very fine veins on the skin surface and appear as spider veins. It is worthwhile to have these deeper veins examined under ultrasound to be sure that there is no deeper issue before treating the superficial cosmetic spider veins.
The only time that spider veins may be considered potentially dangerous, is when they protrude from the skin and are very dark, "hypertensive" spider veins.  If these veins break through the skin, they can bleed.  If this happens when a person is unaware, for instance, when they were sleeping, this can be quite dangerous.  It is hypertensive spider veins at the ankle which are most often at risk for bleeding. 

Spider veins are almost never dangerous, and usually, they have no associated symptoms.  This makes them a cosmetic concern which can be handled with a technique known as sclerotherapy.  Sclerotherapy involves a series of treatments using FDA approved solutions that can be injected in very small amounts through tiny needles. Sometimes the treatments may be combined with the use of a surface laser to speed up the resolution.
Not at all. Spider veins are unsightly but not dangerous.
Hello! That is a great question! Spider veins are not dangerous or have negative effects but occasionally they can be related to venous insufficiency or deep venous problems. Usually they are present without any other venous pathology and can be treated with sclerotherapy or laser if there are cosmetic concerns. A simple ultrasound evaluation performed in our office can determine if there is an underlying superficial or deep venous problem. If identified, a comprehensive plan will be formulated tailored to each patient's symptoms and concerns. Most times this will include compression therapy and lifestyle modification but can sometimes include simple and painless procedures performed in the comfort of our office and with minimal to no downtime. For more information visit our website
No, spider veins are not dangerous. If they are not bothering you, I would suggest leaving them alone. If you are still concerned, you can ask your doctor to check them for you or you can visit a vein specialist near you.
Spider veins of rarely dangerous but are a sign of potentially deeper problem. She should have a special type of vein ultrasound looking for what is called reflux.