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How do I keep my breath fresh with Invisalign?

I am a 22 year old female. I want to know how to keep my breath fresh with Invisalign?

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Keep your aligners clean. Brush before you put the aligners back in after eating or drinking anything.
You can keep your teeth clean with Invisalign by increasing the frequency of brushing, flossing, and using tongue scraper then mouth wash. I suggest doing it 4-5 times per day with Invisalign
Make sure you remove your invisalign after eating and brush after every meal. Brush your tongue as well since that is where most bad breath originates
Are you daily flossing and brushing your teeth correctly? Since your teeth are covered, you have to get the plaque from behind each of wisdom teeth, (floss). Then you take a soft toothbrush and start behind the last tooth in a corner of your mouth. Brush the gum line, move to the side where you started. Brush the gum line of the last two teeth gently move forward the next two teeth until you reach the opposite side. Brush behind the last tooth gum line. Now you move to your tongue or palate last two teeth. Brush the next two teeth forward all around, when you arrive at the last tooth, brush the middle to your occlusal surface - last 2 teeth forward 2 teeth at a time back and forth to the opposite side. Then brush your mid to occlusal surfaces, go to the opposite area. If you started on the lower; move to the upper gum line behind the last tooth and do the gum line behind the last tooth you will finish brushing correctly the occlusal surfaces of the upper and lower teeth. You will rinse your mouth with warm salt water. With a tongue cleaner or teaspoon turned with the round side facing your palate. Place the teaspoon on middle of your tongue as far back without gagging. Scrape gently forward out of your mouth, you will see a slimy whitish mass of debris. This is what was hiding out in the nooks and crannies of your tongue. Go back and do the other two sides, rinse your mouth with warm salt water, then gargle. Your mouth should feel great.

You can buy those three minute denture tablets soaks and your aligners and mouth should feel great! This information is my combination make sure my patients are correctly flossing and correctly brushing. I am teaching you how to clean your tongue and how to take care of your upper and lower aligners. You will be happy and those around you will be happy. Thank you for your question. I am sure you now will enjoy wearing your aligners!
Good Oral Hygiene. Brush and floss, 3 times daily.
Breath RX is good mouth wash that can help with that.
Brush your teeth more often and keep your aligners clean as well by brushing them and rinse with mouthwash
Keep the trays clean by brushing them thoroughly when you brush your teeth. Make sure you brush your tongue and cheeks, generally you will be changing your trays every two weeks or so if you think your breathe is bad it is probably not from the trays. Make sure you are brushing, flossing and rinsing at least twice a day and make sure you are going your dentist regularly.
Make sure to rinse each aligner with warm water several times per day. Make sure your teeth have been cleaned professionally regularly, and maintain proper home care personal dental hygiene habits.
Brush your teeth, floss and keep your trays clean. Invisalign Cleaning Crystals may help.
Brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day with mouthwash will help freshen your breath and remove bacteria.
Drink lots of water, keep your invisalign tray clean, brush your tongue, and floss after every meal.