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How does a child get a tooth extraction under anesthesia?

My 11 year old needs a stubborn tooth pulled out. What anesthesia is used for children?

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Local anesthetic.
I would assume that by "Stubborn", it may imply a ankylosed tooth. This means the tooth may be partially fused to the jawbone. That being the case, it may be best to give the child some light to moderate sedation as well as local anesthetic. If the roots need to be picked or drilled out, this could prove to be emotionally traumatic without some sedation. This will need to be done by an oral surgeon or a pediatric dentist. Both have training in sedation. 
Typically, I do all extractions under local anesthesia. The way I do the extractions removes the trauma to the patient.
Thanks for the question. Usually with a local injection.
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I typically use a little nitrous oxide conscious sedation with some topical and a little local anesthetic at the tooth site and then can do the baby tooth extraction quite easily if the patient is uncooperative sometimes the patient has to be put to sleep under general anesthetic and then the bad tooth removed, but that is quite more expensive than I charge $50 for nitrous oxide. Great question.
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We use topical anesthesia first follow by a local anesthesia. We review the patient's medical information to decide what kind of anesthetic is used.
Generally local anesthetic is all that is needed to pull out a tooth. Lidocaine with 1:100,000 epinephrine is probably the mist common local anesthetic used. General anesthesia is also available in some offices.
Local anesthetic
Great question!

First Step - Choose a Pediatric Dental Specialist that you trust. Pediatric dentists are trained to help extract teeth for children of varied ages, with age-appropriate recommendations to keep the child comfortable.

Second Step - Know your options. Depending on the age of the child, difficulty of the extraction and the underlying behavior there are a number of options for extracting a tooth ranging from in-office extraction under local anesthesia, to mild sedation with some inhalation agents like nitrous oxide, more involved sedation with oral medications or IV medications as appropriate.

Lastly - Trust the dental provider and team that you have chosen and follow their recommendations for pre-operative instructions and post-operative care to ensure the most uneventful and smooth dental extraction procedure for your 11 year old.

Good luck!
Nitrous! It is a laughing gas used on children. It is not strong enough to put a child to sleep but it can help your child be more tamed and relaxed.
My guess is that they plan to extract a primary molar or canine. To get numb they will give local anesthesia to minimize pain. From there, there are several sedation options. First would be nitrous oxide which is safe, inexpensive and easy to give. The next step up would be oral sedation would would involve drinking a liquid or taking pills to feel more sedated. Finally, they if the patient is very anxious general anesthesia is an option which is very expensive but they would not perceive anything. Usually, baby teeth can be taken out easily with local anesthesia and nitrous oxide. 

Marc D. Thomas, DDS


Sorry to hear about that stubborn tooth. The anesthesia choices for children are similar to the same ones for adults. The child's behavior is usually what dictates the anesthesia choice. If the child is fearful and you do not want to give him a bad experience at the dentist then there are surgery centers where they will give your child general anesthesia (put him/her to sleep) while they take the tooth out so he/her does not remember anything. If he is not bothered by the dentist they can give him local anesthesia and the laughing gas. If it is simple to take out the tooth they may just give him local anesthesia. This is something that you should discuss with the doctor before the appointment so you are aware and can prepare for anything. Hope this helps.

Best of luck to you!

William F. Scott IV, DMD