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How do I stop grinding my teeth when sleeping?

I am a 40 year old male, and my wife told me that I grind my teeth at night. How do I stop grinding my teeth when sleeping?

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You probably should wear an appliance that separates your upper and lower teeth so they can’t engage each other and grind.
Grinding is a very difficult habit to break because you are not conscious when you are doing it. It can not be “cured” I would suggest a mandibular nightguard to protect your teeth and TMJ from potential damage caused by grinding.
The easiest solution is night guard
Tooth grinding during sleep can seriously damage your teeth. A professionally fabricated occlusal guard, commonly referred to as a bite splint, worn while sleeping or during stressful times can help protect your teeth. Many factors can contribute to grinding or clenching. I recommend you see your dentist for a thorough examination and discussion of your particular issues.
You should see a dentist and have an occlusal splint (bite guard) made.
Good afternoon,
That sounds terrible for you and your wife both. Grinding your teeth can be multifactoral. We need to determine first why you are grinding your teeth and then from there appliances and treatment can be made to correct the problem. Patients grind their teeth because of misaligned teeth, stress, anxiety and even sleep apnea. Once a diagnosis is made either a patient can do orthodontic treatment to correct the position of the teeth or have an occlusal guard fabricated or we treat the patient for sleep apnea.

Definitely get in to be evaluated by a dentist so you and your wife both can get a good nights rest.

Dr. Reid
Best solution is to wear an appliance that protects the teeth. These appliances are made of hard plastic which will eliminate the sound of grinding and protect the enamel on your teeth
Unfortunately, in our world today we all have a lot of stress. This stress can then manifest and show itself when we are in a certain sleep cycle. Fortunately for this situation a simple ‘night guard’ can be prescribed. It is a form fitting appliance that is custom molded to your teeth so they don’t grind against each other at night. Please reach out to me or my team if we can be of any help!
Grinding of teeth during sleep is common. It can be due to several factors, stress and an unbalanced bite can cause teeth grinding, aka "bruxism." Another factor may be related to sleep apnea, the patient may be grinding to open the airway during sleep.
Have your dentist make you a night guard appliance.
It is hard to get a patient to stop grinding or clenching their teeth at night. However, a custom night guard is the recommended treatment to protect the teeth and facial structures from any damage from the parafunctional habits of grinding/clenching.
You cannot stop at will. Ask to have a night guard made.