Dermatologist Questions Skin Tags

How do doctors remove skin tags?

I have had skin tags for years in fear of having them removed. How do doctors remove skin tags?

7 Answers

The tags are anesthetized so there should be no pain. The lesions are removed with a scissors.
Removing skin tags is really nothing to fear. I have been performing removals (even a couple a dozen at one time) for well over thirty years. Simple, the base of each spot is numbed with a tiny pinch (barely felt) of local anesthesia and then the tag can be nipped off painfless with a special curved scissor. If the tag is very small, it can simply be lightly cauterized and then falls off on its own. Local anesthesia makes this process painless, as well. So, relax.
Skin tags are annoying polyps of skin that generally form in skin folds. You can develop clusters of skin tags around the neck, in the underarms, groin folds, even on the eyelids. They are benign, non cancerous, non contagious lesions. But, they can become red and inflamed and quite painful ! A dermatologist can remove many (40+) tags in a session. A local anesthetic is usually given and the tags are then individually excised in a sterile manner. There will be sone bleeding, which can easily be handled by your doctor. Once removed the tags shouild not recur, but you may continue to grow new tags.
Depending on size, location, number, and skin type we use cryosurgery with liquid nitrogen or snip removal after cleaning with alcohol. Bleeding can be an issue for larger lesions so local anesthesia with topical creams and or injections are often used followed by cautery.
Freeze with liquid nitrogen or snip the off
Simple skin tags that stick up as a fine thread may be snipped off with sterile scissors. Skin tags that are flatter are best treated with a laser.
Visit your local dermatologist and discuss your options and diagnosis.