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How do you fix a broken brace?

I am a 30 year old female. I want to know how do you fix a broken brace?

6 Answers

This would most likely need replacement. You would have to have an evaluation in person to determine what your situation calls for.
The very same way it was placed at the beginning. Always save the bracket or tube for replacement ASAP. If a bracket is distorted or tube crushed it cannot be used again and some ceramic brackets can not be re-bonded and will be replaced with new.
Depending on the breakage, if it is a bracket, it can be recemented; if it is the wire, it has to be replaced.
When you see your orthodontist the loose bracket will be removed. The tooth will then have any residual bonding material removed. The tooth will then be prepared as it was when the braces were first put on and a bracket will be attached. You should have this done as soon as you notice a bracket is loose so you don’t lose any of the progress made to date.
Place dental wax over the broken bracket, and call your dental provider.
See your orthodontist