Psychologist Questions Depression

How do you know if you are clinically depressed?

I am a 24 year old female and I think I am depressed. How do I know if you are clinically depressed? Should I see a doctor?

8 Answers

Sadness, lack of energy, motivation and interest. Social avoidance. Impairment in social, occupational and interpersonal functioning.
What are your symptoms? Do you have any medical problems such as thyroid issues, hormonal imbalance, anemias, etc.? Any history of substance abuse? Medical problems and drug/alcohol screening should be done to rule out organic causes of depression prior to diagnosing someone with Major Depressive Disorder.
Search on Google:
PHQ-9 , and answer the questionnaire.
If you meet the objective criteria, go and seek a psychiatric consultation.
The fact that you are concerned and are asking this question is reason enough for you to be evaluated. There are very good treatments for depression with either psychotherapy, medication or both.
If depression starts to affect your ability to function, ask for help. 
There are various biologic signs and symptoms used to determine clinical depression and determine possible medication management. A doctor is the best person to make this judgement.
If you have certain issues and feelings that alter your life in a negative way! Hiding from social structures and people, especially friends and family. No self esteem or confidence! Tears and feelings of desperation at a sudden notice, etc.
Read this link - it will provide you some insight into your question:

The simple answer is yes - see an MH professional trained in helping depression. If severe, look for a combination team of a psychologist-psychiatrist.