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How do you remove a failed dental implant?

I am a 42 year old male. I want to know how do you remove a failed dental implant?

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How far failed? If it is loosens, it will come out easily; sometimes it just falls out. If failing, but not totally failed, it must be anesthetized and either screwed out or separated from the bone with special instruments.

Alan B. Steiner, DMD

Depends on a number of factors, sometimes is can be reversed out, or removed with a trephine bur, or even by hand
It depends on the situation but generally similar to removing a tooth.
Failed implant removal is similar to the original tooth extraction. We numb you up, remove the implant, clean up and remove any infected or damaged tissue. Ideally, you should have a bone graft added to the area in preparation for a new implant later. A new implant or a bridge can placed at a later date to replace the missing tooth.
Unscrew it out with local anesthesia