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How do you stop a cavity from getting worse?

I am a 29 year old male. I have the beginning of what looks like a cavity. How do you stop a cavity from getting worse?

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You can't really stop a cavity... but the more fluoride the better and keep it clean. A filling can stop a cavity
The best way is to maintain a good oral health, if the cavity is small enough by maintaining good oral health you can prevent the cavity from getting bigger, but the best way would be to have a consultation with a dentist and have them evaluate the tooth. Many times if the cavity is big the dentist will recommend to go a filling, root canal, or to extract the tooth if the tooth can't be saved.

Are you sure what you have is a cavity or could it be some staining? This is a hard judgment for dental students to make as they are learning to diagnose cavities. If it is a cavity, it is a bacteria infection. The only way to stop it is to remove the bacteria or get them to stop. This is normally what a dentist does while he/she is removing a cavity as you cannot stop the bacteria without cleaning out the tooth. In a pinch I would say fluoride rinses and step up the brushing and flossing game, but this is not a permanent solution. I would also say to get a free consultation or second opinion as these are normally free where I practice. Hope this helps.

My best to you!

William F. Scott IV, DMD
By appling or rinsing with a fluoride rinse right after brushing.
The only way to stop a cavity is to see your dentist for treatment. If it is small your dentist could coat it with fluoride or a silver solution or seal it to stop its progression
Repair or clean and seal the cavity so that it will not get worse.
See your dentist for treatment.
Yes, cavities can be stopped. However, typically when a person finds a cavity, it is usually large and needs intervention. However, if you catch it really small, then it means it’s a minor work. Unfortunately, people notice their problem when the tooth damage is more advanced. One important thing: Not every black line or a stain is a cavity. Let your dentist assure you.
Get it restored as soon as possible
Make an appointment and get a dentist to examine and X-ray your teeth! As always, brush and FLOSS!!
The only way you can stop decay is to get your tooth fixed ASAP.
Avoid sweet foods, clean your teeth after every meal and see a dentist as soon as possible. It is always best to get a very small filling than to wait until the cavity gets large because you will lose more tooth structure and have weaken tooth the could later require a cap or crown.
To prevent a cavity from getting worse you must see a dentist to have it fixed.
In order to arrest a cavity from growing, you would need to get a filling.