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How does Xanax affect one's intestines?

Is it true that Xanax can have a deleterious effect on your digestion? I've just been prescribed Xanax for a sleeping disorder, but I also have IBS. How does Xanax affect one's intestines?

3 Answers

There is no clear direct relationship between xanax and the GI tract. You should be able to digest normally on that pill. If you have GI symptoms, look for other causes besides xanax.
It can calm you down and may help irritable bowel, but it’s not really used for treating IBS. There are other medications for irritable bowel.
If your intestines are hyperactive (diarrhea and/or bad cramping), Xanax might help a little. If you have the kind of IBS that causes constipation you might want to try a couple of doses and see what you think. Xanax is very short-acting, so its effects should be gone in 4 hours.