Pathologist Questions Urinary Tract Infections

How is a urine infection detected?

I am experiencing severe pain in my abdomen every time I pass urine. I am also experiencing a burning sensation in my vagina. I suspect it's a UTI but how do I know for sure? Are there different ways it can be diagnosed?

4 Answers

Urinalysis is a test in the urine. It can detect UTI, Kidney disease, diabetes. Urine culture can detect and identifies specific bacteria and yeast that may be causing the UTI. A urine dipstick may be the only test healthy women with typical UTI symptoms need. The urine is examined under microscope for bacteria or white blood cells which are signs of infection.
A urinary tract infection can be easily directed with a urine dipstick test or culture. However, if the patient has classic symptoms, many providers will go strait to treatment with antibiotics.
The usual way of diagnosing urinary tract infections is with a hearing culture; you have to urinate in a cup and the office will send it to a laboratory for testing.
A combination of signs and symptoms, physical examination and laboratory testing (urine culture,chemical and microscopic evaluation) should resolve the question. If persistent, evaluation by a urologist might be required.