Dentist Questions Cracked Tooth

How long can I go with a cracked tooth if I have no pain?

I cracked one of my molars, but it's not really bothering me. I have zero pain. If I don't feel any pain, do you think I should hold off on getting it treated?

7 Answers

You should not wait, even if there is not pain. Having a cracked tooth is allowing for bacteria to accumulate and spread within the mouth causing more issues later on.
You should see a general dentist ASAP. The delay can exacerbate the situation and may cause damage to the nerve, which will require a root canal.
No. Don't let the broken tooth pick the time it needs to be fixed. You should make an appointment to get your broken tooth treated before it begins to hurt you. Pain never happens at a convenient time.
Absolutely not, the exposed dentin can easily lead to further decay which can lead to the need for root canal treatment or extraction. Pain is not always an indicator of a problem occurring
Cracked tooth is always symptomatic, but if you have no pain now you don't want to wait for pain, now it can be restored with a resin filling but if you got pain, the restoration could be crown or root canal and crown.
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You might not need any treatment, but it would be better to see a dentist just to check it.
Broken teeth always need to be treated. Not having pain doesn't mean you don't have a problem. If it gets worse with time, the cost to fix your problem will go up or you can even lose your tooth.