Dentist Questions Cracked Tooth

Should I get an implant if my tooth is cracked?

I have a cracked molar in the back of my mouth. Should I consider getting an implant for it?

5 Answers

Hello, please consult with your dental provider to determine if an implant is the best decision for your cracked tooth. You can also think about getting a crown depending on how severe that crack is.

Thank you for your question.
Your Dentist will evaluate if the tooth can be saved. Many cracked teeth require a Root Canal treatment, a post/core and a crown. Sometimes it is better to extract the fractured tooth and replace it with an implant that has 90% rate of success and may last longer.
If you have cracked tooth, I would try to save the tooth period. Depending if the crack is on the crown of the tooth, you can preserve it with placing a porcelain crown.
If the tooth cannot be saved, unfortunately, it needs to be extracted, and the missing tooth needs to be replaced by tooth implant, possibly a bridge or possibly a partial removable denture! For the best advice, see an expert dentist so he can do an evaluation and advise you further.
Are plants are not usually recommended prior to the necessity for the tooth the implant is going to replace, is extracted and possibly been extracted for many years causing shifting of the adjacent teeth or as an abutment to a fixed prosthetic denture which needs a more rigid attachment mechanism. A cracked tooth can be restored much more conservatively without resorting to such a radical procedure with much more predictable results and less expensive as well since it does not require a laboratory procedure to fabricate
Yes, you should consider getting evaluated for an implant prior to scheduling the extraction of the cracked molar!