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How long do dental bridges last?

I am a 42 year old male. I got a dental bridge last week. How long do dental bridges last?

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Should be at least 5 years, but you have the responsibility to see a dentist for regular check-ups and cleanings.
I have one for 40 years
Many years if done right
All dental work can potentially last a lifetime assuming proper care and no unforeseen dental trauma.
You have asked a vague question as there are several types of bridges. Removable bridges can last indefinitely (10-20 years depending on the material used, size of the bridge and care taken by the patient). Cemented in bridges can be of a long span, short span, be anchored by two or more full crowns or two or more metal or ceramic wings bonded to teeth.
The shorter the span and the fewer teeth involved, the less stress on the bridge and supporting teeth and therefore the longer it will last. The cleaner the patient keeps the teeth and bridge and the better care the patient takes care of their mouth, the longer the bridge will last. A diet consisting of hard, sticky and very chewy items may dislodge or break a cemented bridge. A bridge that is bonded in place by wings attached to teeth (as opposed to crowns) will probably not last as long. I have seen cemented bridges last and look great for 25 years. Conversely I have seen patients destroy them in just a few months. As I said, this is a hard to answer question.
Depends on a few things. If it is a three unit bridge, just replacing one tooth, if it's done well and the occlusion is good, and the patient looks after it with good daily oral hygiene and regular dental appointments, it could last a lifetime. I have two three unit bridges in my mouth and one of them is over 40 years old and is doing fine.
Longer bridges replacing more than one tooth puts more strain on the supporting teeth and that can shorten the lifespan of the bridge.
If you are a healthy male, cleaning your teeth well and going regularly to the dentist to get your teeth cleaned and checked and it is a three unit bridge that is well done, I'd expect the bridge to last at least twenty to thirty years and probably a lifetime.
Dental bridge’s longevity depends on, but is not limited to oral hygiene, adaptation of crown margins to the teeth, occlusion, para functional habits, frequent dental check-ups, risk factors for developing dental caries, periodontal health, diet. That being said, dental bridge should last few years, and the factors mentioned above will determine how long it can last.
Ideally, a bridge should last a lifetime. Several factors, however, play a role:

1. The span of the bridge. How long is the bridge?
2. The health of the supporting teeth or abutment.
3. The dental health of the patient.

If the bridge has a long span, it may put loading pressure on the bridge and this can affect the lifespan of the bridge. If the supporting teeth are not sound, and develop carious lesion while supporting the bridge, it can result in failure. Finally, the oral health of the individual is very important. If the oral health is ignored, it can affect the durability of the bridge.

Dr. Quincy Attipoe
Lifespan of dental bridges can vary depending on oral hygiene, chewing habits, parafunctional habits (such as grinding, clenching), and overall health of bite (proper position of teeth). If good oral hygiene is maintained and everything else is good, bridges can last from a few years to decades.
It depends but the range is 5 to 50 years. If they are well made and well maintained, they should last minimum of 10 years.
Depending on the quality of service you received, material used, and condition of the underlying teeth, should be long-term, 5-10.