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How long does chiropractic adjustment last?

I'm going to have a chiropractic adjustment next week for my back pain. How long does a chiropractic adjustment last?

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Typically doctors spend 5–15 minutes in a treatment session, depending on your needs. The initial visit may take longer because they’ll be taking a history and performing an exam.
The typical treatment takes anywhere from 10-45 minutes depending on if an evaluation must be performed. Most treatments will take 10-15 minutes if no evaluation is required.

The length of relief from a Chiropractic adjustment varies from patient to patient and is often times dependent upon the symptoms, diagnosis, and scheduled treatment plan.
It could be several minutes to a half hour depending on the patient, what is wrong, and the methods used by the chiropractor.
This depends on lifestyle, stress levels, diet, exercise, spinal damage, etc.
Depends on the person the age, and the health of the person. Also, the lifestyle. All these are factors.
Depends what is done and the patient.
This depends on a number of things specific to your case. Generally I tell my patients the first few adjustments last about 1 week.
Chiropractic is not generic. Each person is different and may require more than just a quick adjustment. It depends on many variables, especially the injury.
Adjustments can last for a couple of hours, several days or weeks. It really depends on the person's condition. Is it acute or chronic. How long has the condition been there. Underlying complications such as spinal curvature, disc degeneration, arthritis, etc. Have you been under regular chiropractic care long enough to get your condition under control and manageable? Patients that have successfully completed a chiropractic treatment program usually only need an adjustment once every 4-6 weeks to maintain an asymptomatic state.
That is dependent on your age, overall level of health, history, exam, X-rays, smoker/non-smoker, stress levels, type of work you do, hobbies, etc. It ALL matters! A more appropriate question is to ask, "Is this a lifestyle routine that I am able to adopt or not?" Going to the chiropractor is more like going to the gym than going to get treatment at a medical clinic. It is beneficial for you throughout your entire life! I will say: Adjustments used to "hold" much longer back in the day due to less stress, pollution in air, food, water, etc.

Anywhere from 1-3 weeks. Think of it like muscle building: if you don't go to the gym for 1 week, you lose your muscle gains. Your adjustment will help you feel good and it will continue to help you as long as you have some sort of routine to maintain the structure and muscle. Every joint has a muscle and structural component. Your chiropractor should get you on a schedule and given you homework to manage your problems.