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How long does chiropractic treatment take to work for kids?

My son is 13 years old and will be getting an adjustment to help improve his issues of sleeping. Will the effects of the adjustment be instant?

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Sometimes yes and sometimes no. It depends on how long the main problem has been going on. More often than not, there will be an immediate release and some results can be felt the same day. For some people, it takes a few visits, and for others, it takes several months minimum to get relief.
That difficult to say, especially with sleep issues. Kids tend to heal faster than adults in general, though.
Great question, kids respond very quickly! That being said, it depends on the the mechanism of injury, the severity of the problem, and how long it has been around. Are they finally experiencing pain from a trauma from five years ago? Or is this from a fall, an accident, or recent trauma from the last week-month?

The longer they have had any injury and depending on the severity, the longer it will take to correct. Chiropractic isn't magic, it will take time. Just like going to the gym, one time will not get anyone the body they want.....It takes time. A better example would be just like getting braces on your teeth, you don't get results in a week, it requires small adjustments over time and so does re-aligning your spine. The one thing your child has going for them is that they are still young, and will heal at the speed of light compared to adults....I miss being a kid!

Best wishes to a speeding recovery,

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Dr. Scott
It should be quick and fast
Every chiropractor and chiropractic technique is different. I would suggest asking the chiropractor that you decided to take a child to what their expectations for Kerr are.
Sometimes yes, sometimes after a few adjustments.
Due to everyone being individuals, their response to treatment varies. Children usually respond very quickly compared to adults. With this said, I have seen results as quickly as a few adjustments, but sometimes longer if there are other related issues, such as underlying allergies (i.e dairy or sugar).
Your son should see the effects of treatment within 1-4 weeks
Sometimes results are immediate but typically I would give it a month
After the first adjustment there will be noticeable changes. The maximum benefits will take longer to acquire.
It varies person to person but I would expect to see a difference within a week.
That is an excellent question. The answer is complicated, but we usually see improved sleep happen within the first few visits when there is subluxation in the upper cervical spine.
Each patient responds differently to care. This is because we all have varying factors (I.e. our lines of work, activity level, diet, etc). I hope having your son adjusted helps improve his quality of sleep. I’ve had many patients say their sleep has improved under care.