Nuclear Medicine Specialist Questions Heart Scan (Coronary Calcium Scan)

How long does a nuclear heart scan take?

I'm going to have a nuclear heart scan at the end of this month. How long does this scan usually take?

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2-3 hours
It depends whether your doctor ordered it as a one day or two day study. If it’s a one day study, it typically takes 4-6 hrs including checking in and both sets of images. If it’s a two day study, each day is about 2-3 hrs.

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It depends. A stress (exercise or pharmacologic) has two parts, the resting scan and the exercise part. Some places do the resting scan first (30 min) and then wait a while, do the stress, re-inject, and wait 40 minutes to do the 2nd scan. A cardiac PET scan is much faster. No caffeine for 24 hours before either scan; hold beta blockers.