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How long is a crown supposed to last?

I had gotten a crown placed 3 years ago, but it doesn't feel like it's secured in. Like it feels loose. How long are crowns usually supposed to last?

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Average life is 5 to 10 years
A crown should typically last 10 years or more. It sounds like your crown may just need to be recemented which can sometimes occur if the cement seal is broken.
Crowns can last 5-15+ years with great hygiene and routine dental visits! Flossing plays a very important role in longevity, too.
Go back to your dentist. A crown should not feel like that. Crowns can last over ten years.
It’s very difficult to say without seeing the tooth and having a radiograph of the tooth. That said, it sounds like the cement used to bond the crown to the tooth has de-bonded. The crown itself is likely okay. The research indicates the average lifespan of a crown is 8 years, but as with anything else in the mouth this varies greatly depending on how well the patient cares for it, the material used and the condition of the tooth prior to the crown going on. If possible, go back to the dentist that placed the crown and let them take a look.
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Justin W. Ruffner, DDS
According to American Dental association, average crown should last at least 10 years prior to replacement. I have cemented crowns which are 30 years in my patients mouth, and still functioning, and some within 7 years, however the patient was informed prior to placing the dental crown in, lack of retention!! or if any compromise was done, after discussing pros and cons. To learn more about dental porcelain crowns click,
hope it is only the cement, in your case!
Sometimes the cement that hods a crown comes loose. If the crown fits well it can usually just be recemented

How long a crown lasts depends on how well you take care of it. DENTAL INSURANCE COMPANIES WILL REPLACE A CROWN EVERY FIVE YEARS. Most crowned teeth have had
root canal. If you DON'T floss and brush your natural teeth and your crowned teeth, gum disease and cavities can develop. You may have pain and odor from gum disease. You will not have pain from deep cavities on a root-canaled tooth. If you think your crowned tooth is loose, please get back to your doctor.
The crown should last you between 13-15 years if it is done correctly. The question is, did your dentist cement your crown temporarily or permanently? Because if the crown is loose after three years, it can be that your cement is weak and it may need to be replaced.