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How long should you wait to eat after getting braces?

My 12 year old son is getting braces very soon. How long should you wait to eat after getting braces?

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There is no waiting time. He can eat right after. Your orthodontist should review however what foods he can have and which he should avoid in the long term though.
If you are in pain you can start eating soft food right after but wait for solid food till you feel more comfortable.
It depends on what type of bonding material your doctor uses. In most cases you can eat right away. In others you may want to wait for about an hour.
You can eat right away after braces. Please have a soft food diet such as rice, mash potatoes, and noodles.
I would ask this question of the orthodontist providing their care. Usually, the adhesives are light cured and reach sufficient strength for eating all but the hardest foods immediately.

Dr. Don Murdock
2 hours
A few hours should be sufficient.
This is probably a great question for his orthodontist. In my opinion, the brackets will be bonded to the teeth at the time braces are placed and no numbing will be used. Eating right away will not dislodge the brackets and there is no risk of your son biting himself. The only reason to wait on eating is if his teeth feel sore from the new braces. This is pretty common and usually lasts for a few days and can be kept under controlled with Ibuprofen. 

Marc D. Thomas, DDS

You can eat anytime after getting braces, but no hard or sticky foods.


Dr. Price
Once the braces are on, he should be good to go and eat as long as he listens and follows the orthodontist's recommendations on allowable foods!!! (Personally, the sooner he eats, the sooner he will get used to the braces and he is less likely to be in discomfort from the initial putting on pain than an hour or two later.)
Reward his compliance with a celebration of his favorite dish as soon as possible before his teeth become tender from the pressure. The sooner your exercise your teeth after getting braces the less discomfort. We give patients a soft plastic wafer to chew on once they leave the office after placing braces.