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How often should I get acupuncture for panic attacks?

I am a 39 year old female and I have panic attacks. How often should I get acupuncture for anxiety?

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Your practitioner would have to determine how often. It would depend on the frequency and severity of the attacks.
This really depends on the patient, so once you begin, you will be able to get a feel for how often suits you best. I would suggest going more frequently in the beginning and scoping out how long you feel the relief lasts before you need another treatment.
Depends on the severity. Start with 3x per week to start, then wean down to 2 as things improve.
Twice a week for several weeks at first, then you can cut down when your tolerance build up to the negative environment.
Yali Li, MD,PhD
It depends on how frequently you have panic attacks. If you more often have panic attacks, you need more acupuncture.
If you treated acupuncture with a psychologist, should be very fast.
1-2 times a week.
At least once a week is recommended. It is important, too, that you seek some sort of professional counseling to deal with your issues. Acupuncture alone will not stop panic attacks if you are not doing your part to combat them. It might be worth mentioning that spicy foods, sugary foods and caffeine are notorious for raising blood pressure and can contribute to anxiety. It would be wise to avoid those along with therapy while you are doing acupuncture. Good luck!!
Most people seek treatment 1-2x per week initially, especially during the acute phase of illness.

It all depends on the diagnosis of the each doctor to decide how many and how often, but in our office, for chronic issue we have patients come in 3 times a week until they are well, then once a week, then eventually biweekly for maintenance treatments. Please consult your local acupuncturist.


Scott Sang In Lee
A treatment plan should be developed according to your symptoms, other physical/mental/emotional issues that you might have, the triggers of your panic attacks, and your lifestyle. You might want to stay on maintenance treatments once you are stable (like once a month).
The frequency is usually based on the gravity of the symptoms. At the beginning, we recommend, twice a week, and then when the symptoms start to subside, we decrease the treatments' frequency.

Alexandre Hillairet, DAOM.
Thank you for your questions. Acupuncture is a personalized treatment and we treat to response. Hence, this would depend solely on your response and will determine the frequency. Always discuss with your acupuncturist any questions, and let you medical doctor know what your overall treatment plan is. Never stop any medications without discussion with the prescriber. Be Well, Dr. B
It would take 2-3 times/week for 4 to 6 weeks with herbs and then see how long we can go for another round.
At least 1 per week
Acupuncture is very good for anxiety and I have helped patients with panic attacks. Everyone responds to acu treatments differently. A prognosis should be expected after the practitioner is able to evaluate you. Generally, I have helped with acupuncture treatments starting once a week for a few times then once every other week. After about 2 months, maintenance could be expected every 6-12 months. But again, it depends on your condition and response to treatments.

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Initially 2x per week for a few weeks depending on severity. An evaluation is required to be more specific. -Best, Dr. Gordon

It's hard to tell without seeing a patient, but usually 2 times a week for the first 4 weeks, and then, if the patient shows progress, once a week could be enough. Also recommend taking natural herbs for anxiety.
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I recommend 4/6 sessions twice a week.

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Depends on the severity to determine treatment. Usually one a week is recommended for 1 month, and reevaluate the visit.
I would recommend at least once a week.
Yes, anxiety and panic attacks are some of my favorite things to treat because acupuncture works so well for them. I start with treatments twice a week, and as things get better, we spread the appointments out to once a week, etc. I definitely recommend it. You'll be glad you tried it.
Do you notice a connection with symptoms getting worse and menstruation? If yes, then it would require some dietary changes along with acupuncture, which we are trained to help you with. I have seen marvelous improvements with anxiety using acupuncture. As to frequency, too many factors to predict. For me, an aggressive schedule might be 2x a week. Usually I do 1x a week after the first two treatments spaced 3 days apart.
For a condition like anxiety, I wouldn't treat any more frequently than once per week. You want to give your body time to adjust to it's new setting before you go changing things again and this is especially important for anxiety.
Weekly x 6, minimum.
If your anxiety is a 7 out of 10 or higher i would suggest twice a week. Your acupuncturist should be able to find you some Chinese Herbs to support calm and may suggest adding lifestyle practices that produce calm as well.
Thank you for your inquiry! Twice a week might be good for you.
A lot is going to depend on how severe your panic attacks are and how frequently you experience them. Acupuncture is usually a front-loaded process which means that we typically see a patient fairly frequently up front and then space the treatments out as symptoms start to improve or resolve.

If we assume a mild to moderate condition, you may be looking at 6-7 treatments spaced one week apart, followed by 3-4 treatments every other week, and then a few treatments on a monthly basis. After that, the frequency depends on how well a patient has responded to the initial course of therapy.

For a more severe situation your provider may want to see you a couple of times per week until you're feeling more relaxed and experiencing less episodes, then they might start to space things out.