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How often should I get my braces checked?

I am a 22 year old female and I just got braces. How often should I get my braces checked?

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That is determined by your orthodontist
Every month, but the doctor will make himself the appointments.
Your orthodontist must tell you
This is the perfect question for your orthodontist. Your doctor only wants you to have a successful result from your braces so they will establish the appropriate timing for your interim checkups.
That will vary according to your orthodontist's discretion and type of appliance. Aligner treatment will be less visits and longer intervals between appointments whereas conventional fixed appliances should usually be checked between four and ten weeks, however any kind of damage should be cared for immediately regardless of the appointed time. No one should ever go more than three months with active appliances without a check up. Retainers are an exception, once a year or as needed is a good protocol.
Your orthodontist should have you on a regular exam and adjustment schedule. That should have been set up before you left his/her office. You must also see your general dentist and/or hygienist for professional cleanings and exams.

Glad to hear you are straightening your teeth. You are going to love it. Usually, the orthodontist who put your braces on should tell you how often to come back. That being said, it could vary depending on how much they need to move your teeth and possibly other things (extractions or jaw surgery). When it comes down to only the braces part you usually get your braces checked every 4-6 weeks.

My best to you!

William F. Scott IV, DMD
Hello, I would advise you to consult your Orthodontist. Typically, braces are checked each month. Thank you for your question.
You should follow your orthodontist’s recommendations. Generally every 4 weeks.
Normally, an orthodontist would check on average between 4-8 weeks. I usually check my patients every 6 weeks but I might bring them in 4 weeks if I needed to move a specific tooth or 8 weeks if patient needs longer appointments.
The frequency at with you should get your braces checked will depend on your treatment plan. Usually patients are seen every 4-8 weeks, depending on what systems are used
Every 4-8 weeks or what the Dr says needs to be done.