Dentist Questions Teeth Whitening

How often should I have my teeth whitened?

I'm 23, and I want to get my teeth whitened more often, but I'm not really sure of how often. How often do you recommend?

5 Answers

Every 6 months.
If you have had an in office whitening procedure and are asking about when you should do another in office treatment, I would recommend waiting a year. However, my recommendation on the maintenance of the in office whitening treatment would be to do at home touch ups with trays as needed dependent on your intake of foods and beverages that cause staining.
It depends on the type of whitening, but generally every 3-6 months should be reasonable.
Great question. I am not a dentist, I just do teeth whitening only so the best answer I like to say is that it is best to defer your question to your dentist to check in regards to your specific situation but generally stains shouldn't build up very quickly so doing in-office teeth whitening shouldn't be needed more than once a year or less. Doing teeth whitening too often can cause sensitivity on your teeth or gums if the gums if they aren't protected during the whitening process depending on the whitening method and strength of the gel. In-office teeth whitening may not even be needed if you are getting the results that you are looking for by using whitening toothpaste and whitening mouthwash or by simply avoiding foods and liquids that may be causing the staining. The ADA has a brochure that can provide you with additional information regarding teeth whitening. I have a link to it and also one from Crest that you may find helpful. Let me know if I can be of additional help.
Tooth whitening is a service available to all patients. This service can only be done when your gums are healthy. Are you doing good home care? Do you floss every day? Having your teeth whitened, continue with good home care and doing a touch up every 2-3 months may be O.K. Making sure your gums are healthy by doing daily home care of flossing and brushing. Sometimes if your gums are inflamed the color of your gums may be off. Sometimes a slight change is gum color can make your teeth look different