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How painful is gastric bypass surgery?

I am a 38 year old female. I will have a gastric bypass surgery next month. How painful is gastric bypass surgery?

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Without anesthesia, it could be very painful. However, since you are going to receive general anesthesia for that type of surgical procedure, no foreseen pain is expected during the procedure. Nevertheless, soreness after the procedure for approximately one week to few weeks is expected. Your doctor will give you some pain killers to use them as directed. Thank you.
Like any surgery, you will have pain, but it should be fairly easy to control and will get better after a few days.
Post op can be very painful.
I typically manage pain post-operatively with multiple types of medications. Initially, I start my patients on a pain pump (PCA) and then transition to oral medications the next day. I include anti-inflammatories, gabapentin, and local anesthetics as well. Once patients go home, I prescribe 5 days of oral medications, and very rarely do I get asked to refill them.

It is surgery, so it can be uncomfortable. It is well tolerated, and the pain does go away pretty quickly.
Surgery is not painful, of course. The painful part is the recovery. You will surely be very sore after the surgery, and you will probably not feel well for some time as you adjust to eating again. It is no more painful than any other surgery, but recovering with the dietary restrictions might be a challenge. Most people seem to do fine with it, for the most part. Best of luck. It is normal to be scared. Make sure you ask the surgeon about the "percentages" of surgical complications, and what to expect from your procedure. Communication is vital.
The surgery itself is done with anesthesia. Post-operative pain and its management are best discussed with your surgeon.