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How should one deal with an allergy to dust?

My daughter is 11 years old and she has an allergy to dust. How should one deal with an allergy to dust?

2 Answers

There are several strategies to deal with dust allergy - some include measures to be taken at home esp. bedroom - special covers for the bedding, hard floor surface, etc, others include medications, allergy shots, etc.
I would advise to see an allergist who can decide on the best strategy for your child based on the symptoms they are experiencing.
Allergy to (household) dust/dust mites is quite common, so do not feel bad about that. You did not mention if your daughter also has asthma or eczema, but the way we approach is by reducing exposure to dust/dust mites (mattress and pillow encasings, removal or rugs/carpeting and plush toys,etc.) and by treating with medicines and/or adding on dust mite immunotherapy. All of this would need discussion with your local allergy physician specialist. Hope this helps!