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How successful is brain surgery for epilepsy?

My younger cousin was diagnosed with epilepsy. How successful is brain surgery for epilepsy?

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Removal of epileptogenic focus is highly successful in reducing or eliminating seizures
It depends on what type of epilepsy they have and the type of surgery offered. Please consult a neurologist at a comprehensive epilepsy center for more detailed discussion.
It can be very successful depending on the type of seizure, where it starts and the cause. There are also different types of epilepsy surgery.
There is always a therapeutic option after all conservative approaches have been failed. However, if there is only one single epileptic focus and it is far enough away from eloquent areas, then such a neurosurgical approach could be quite promising. But specialized centers with a high expertise and frequent operations of that field should perform such an advanced neurosurgical operation.

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There are many types of surgery and many types of epilepsy. When it is done for a localized cause, e.g., a benign tumor, resection or small temporal lobe focus results can be excellent. Younger patients, e.g., below 5, may withstand more radical resection like disconnecting a hemisphere functional hemispherectomy.

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