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How to get treatment for an eating disorder?

My 22-year-old friend was diagnosed with an eating disorder. How to get treatment for an eating disorder?

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Need to seek professional help. Medication and therapy may be needed.
I recommend seeing a professional mental health practitioner who can guide you to the proper treatment.
Specialized centers for eating do , with structural environment and building up self esteem are really helpful
You have to see psychiatrist, preferably specializing in eating disorder, and to get meds. Depending on the severity you might need to go to inpatient hospitalization and /or hospital based program for eating disorder.

Hello, eating disorders are complex. Depending on the severity of it. Treatment may be sought in various forms such as inpatient or outpatient, individual therapy, or family therapy.
Look up psychology today and find therapist in your area and read their profiles and find one or two that may specialize in that
The best treatment if possible is a impatient but if that is not possible then an intensive outpatient treatment
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