Physical Therapist Questions Low Back Pain

I have a constant lower back pain. Can it he managed through exercise?

I have been suffering from a lower back pain for the last 3 months. I am unable to stand or sit for long hours due to this pain. Are there any specific exercises to ease lower back pain? Please advice.

5 Answers

You need to see your primary care provider for further test and blood work. You need a more accurate diagnosis to start the right treatment.
Back pain is a problem for many and it has many causes. Treatment and prognosis depend on the diagnosis and cause of pain. Have you had any testing done? If more serious causes of back pain have been ruled out, most of the time, chronic pain, (which is pain lasting over 3 months) is due to a 'mechanical' issue. This simply means it is a result of soft tissue that is under stress or strain due to postural changes, alignment or structural changes in the spine or pelvis combined with muscular weakness or tightness. An individual examination would reveal which tissues are tight, which have become weak or non-supportive and whether or not you have a malalignment of the spine or pelvis that requires correction. Often times, even if there was a precipitating injury or event that 'caused' the pain, the brain is still receiving signals that there is an injury. I would suggest seeing a Physical therapist in your area, for an evaluation and once the underlying factors have been determined they can provide you with an exercise program tailored to your unique and individual needs. Exercise is an effective way to manage chronic pain and get you back to an active life.
There are many exercises. Get evaluated by a PT for a proper exercise regimen. There are no short cuts. Spend the time and money on your health and get proper advice from someone in person.
Constant? Does your symptoms change with position or activity? If there is no change in your symptoms, you see your MD as it can be something more than just a orthopedic problem. If there is change, that's great. That means its more than likely orthopedic/musculoskeletal related. Specific exercises? you would need to be evaluated. Call a reputable physical therapist in your area to be evaluated and see what they recommend
Yes and without performing an evaluation/examination I am unable to prescribe a specific home program for you. There are a number of general exercise programs on the internet but to find the one that works for you is trial and error or go see your local PT.