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I have nerve pain after my root canal?

I am a 17 year old male and I had a root canal two days ago. I have nerve pain after my root canal?

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If one is experiencing postoperative pain after a root canal procedure, It is recommended to follow up with one's dentist to see if any additional treatment is needed. The provider who completed the procedure or a specialist called an endodontist will best be able to help you resolve this condition.
Hello, I recommend you to go back to your dentist or endodontic for an examination. Thank you for your question.
That is common. You can take Motrin or Tylenol. If the pain persists after 1 month, then I would get it reexamined.
It's normal to have some pain, especially if it is not completed yet. However, even if finished, it can remain slightly painful for awhile.
Pain after a root canal procedure is not uncommon. If the tooth was abscessed before the root canal treatment, it may need additional time to heal. Even if abscess was not present, the instrumenting and cleaning process done inside the tooth root may cause some inflammation and takea few days to heal.  Inform your dentist of the post operative pain and follow his instructions on how totake care of it.  He may recommend antibiotics, some pain medicine, or both.
Usually, there is inflammation around the apex of the roots for a couple days after a root canal. With a root canal, they are cleaning out the nerve and sometimes the files and medicines they used push beyond the end of the tooth into the bone. This can make you sore for a couple days afterwards. My guess is that with time you should feel a lot better. If the pain continues, I would return to the endodontist to have them reevaluate their work. 

Marc D. Thomas, DDS