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How can I increase my metabolism rate through naturopathy?

I am putting on a lot of weight and I am wondering if it is due to some issues with my metabolism. Can I increase it through naturopathic methods?

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You can take acetyl L carnitine, have 2 fasting days a week where you fast for 16-18 hours and cut carbs right down. You have have fat metabolism issues so looking at methylation may be important. See

You can increase the metabolism on your own through healthy diet and exercise, but making sure the thyroid is functioning properly requires the help of a physician. Addressing the hypothalamus is an important piece as well.
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Look at the GUT health. That means the stomach: pepsin peristalsis and absorption and acidity. Then small intestine: bile absorption, peristalsis and Colon: peristalsis, absorption bacteria. Look at all carbodydrates from glucose, fructose. lectin etc. The best thing for you that will help all the GUT is FASTING. NOTHING TO ESAT EXCEPT 2 LITERS OF WATER AND ORGANIC CHICKEN BRTH FROM 1-4 DAYS/ MONTH UNTIL IDEAL WEIGHT ACHIEVE.. But I advice you have the care or practitioner to be sure that you are otherwise without serious health issues
To increase the caloric expenditure, one should increase their metabolically active tissues/muscle mass.