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The insides of my teeth are turning black. Why?

I noticed that the inside (well top of) of my teeth are actually turning black. There's only a little pain in the area, so I don't know if it's a cavity. What could it be?

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It is best to see a dental professional to have this evaluated to determine what is causing this and if there is need for concern.
It looks like you might be getting cavities. Visit the dentist, get it checked out,.
This sounds like a cavity and you should see your dentist to check it
if the inside of the tooth is turning dark then the nerve in the tooth has more than likely died and the tooth will need a root canal to be saved
The question, is it the entire top of the teeth or just some lines? If the entire top is black, it may be stain, or if there is a hole, then it is decay and pain is around the corner.

Intrinsic (internal) staining it could be cavity, bleeding inside the pulp chamber (where the nerves and vascular of the tooth located), you see this usually after traumatic injury to the tooth, it could be fluorosis (to much fluoride), or from taking tetracycline antibiotic, causing internal staining.
That could be a little bit serious. Healthy teeth should not have black stuff on them (unless you’ve been eating Oreo cookies.) Pain is never a great sign. It’s your body’s way of saying “somethings going on.” I definitely recommend you see a dentist for an evaluation.
Wishing you all the best in oral wellness.

Frederick E. Solomon, DMD
Usually any change in color of a tooth could be because of staining or bacteria or a combination. Sometimes it could be a nerve involvement of the tooth because of decay or trauma. Any symptoms would start small and then increase with time. It is best to get X-rays done and see your dentist ASAP.
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Maybe stain; let a dentist take a look!
Could be a cavity, could be a stain, could be a build-up of plaque. Time to make that visit to the dentist.
This can be something as simple as a stain or as severe as a need for root canal treatment. The fact that it is starting to hurt you is what is most concerning. Pain is usually associated with nerve involvement and the tooth will probably need at the very least a filling. I suggest that you get to your dentist as soon as possible for evaluation.