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Is acupuncture a permanent cure?

I am a 52 year old female. I want to know if acupuncture is a permanent cure?

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Hi, depends on what’s your problem. For systematic or chronic disease, you should change your diet and have a good life style too.
Sometimes acupuncture can help the body heal permanently, and sometimes patients need to get what we call tune ups every now and then.
Is anything truly a permanent cure? I mean, if you eat the McDonald's burgers 3+ times a week and drink the soda-pop, you will get sick, right? Only diet, lifestyle change, living in a eutopia, and any treatment has the potential to be a long lasting "cure." Even still, we are human... we don't live for ever. So nothing is permanent.
Wow, this is quite a good questions. My answer will be surprisingly simple: It depends. If you want me to treat a common cold, I can't boost your immunity, but I can get you less of a chance to catch a cold, but I cannot prevent you catch a cold forever.

It depends on what diseases that you mentioned.

Jonathan Fang


Yes and no. We try to treat the root cause of the problem as compared to symptoms only in Western or conventional medicine. You will need more treatments for some conditions and some less, and some need follow-ups. Please consult your local acupuncturist for more information.


Scott Sang In Lee
Medical practices for the past few centuries have intended to provide treatment and not a permanent cure for disease. The only permanent cure is death, but I doubt that's what you are anticipating for an answer to your question. Let me point you to a fellow who is more eloquent than I am:

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Snohomish Brown, DACM, LAc, CMT
It could be a permanent or partial cure, depending on the problem and the patient's condition.
This question is difficult to answer as there are many causes to different diseases. Most of the time health conditions are on going and the journey to healing for chronic conditions may be lifelong. Even seasonal allergies and headaches with acupuncture may only last a few years. Acupuncture is mostly for the relief from pain & anxiety, harmonizing the body & mind, and
improving the quality of life.

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Acupuncture can be a permanent cure, but it all depends on the condition presented. For example, if a patient is working and she or he is experiencing symptoms due to their activities, it is then going to be difficult to treat and obtain permanent results. Patient will have to return for therapy at some point after the initial series of treatments. If the patient has only an acute issue, for example, he or she woke up one morning with neck pain, then most likely after a series of treatments the patient will be cured permanently.

Alexandre Hillairet, DAOM.
I think it’s difficult to work with absolutes with anything. Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine seek to restore balance while addressing the root cause of the problem, instead of just the symptoms resulting from that root cause. In the process of so doing, with consistency, appropriate lifestyle changes, and or perhaps the assistance of Chinese herbal medicine, a change in body balance toward optimal wellness is possible. The duration of which is dependent upon patient’s consistency of follow through. For further answers on how to address this balance, refer to
It all depends on the diagnosis about the problem you have. In my case, for example, most patients with Sciatica issue, it takes me 4 to 5 treatments average to cure them, but if patient does not follow the recommendation to maintain posture and do prescribed exercise, it might come back.
We are not permitted to say "cure," but many people do recover fully from their ailments.
Well it really depends on what condition is being treated. I’ve had orthopedic issues that clear up completely until there’s another injury. But a condition like IBD or IBS per say, is going to do best with frequent treatments at first and then can be spaced out as the condition is managed. I hope this helps!
Hello & thank you for your question! The answer depends on the chief complaint for treatment. What is it, how long have you had it, how frequently do you experience these symptoms, etc., are all pertinent to the answer. Acupuncture can absolutely alleviate certain symptoms, but may not permanently cure severe illnesses or disorders. However, in more severe cases, acupuncture can help minimize symptoms and increase overall quality of life. Hope this helps!

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Dr. Yolanda
Yes, but not all.
Hello! Acupuncture is a form of medicine, and I would like to say there is not guarantee in being cured, but it may resolved your disease or disorder.
Nothing can be permanent. However, we had patients who never had the same problem again.
We as Licensed Acupuncturist cannot say acupuncture can “cure” any thing BUT can say acupuncture can “help” with your condition. It also depends on your condition to see if it is treatable with acupuncture. Hope that makes sense!
Noting in this life is permanent. Acupuncture can help you by regulating your imbalance, and this way, you can have better health.

Acupuncture does not cure. Your own body does the healing. sometimes the energy needed for our bodies to cure themselves is low. Acupuncture helps to turn up the dimmer switch so we can function optimally
Cure is a fairly loaded term and, technically, in a medical setting, it's FDA regulated. What that means is it's very dangerous for someone outside the conventional medical industry to claim to "cure" anything. That being said, let's re-frame the question:

1. Can acupuncture cause a remission of symptoms?

2. Is acupuncture cost effective?

In the first case, yes, acupuncture can, over time, cause remission or significant reduction in symptoms. It's highly unlikely this will happen on a first treatment. However, after a course of therapy, typically 8-10 treatments, patients can experience a significant reduction in symptoms and this reduction can persist for upwards of 12 months in some cases.

Which brings us to the second question about cost effectiveness. Insurance coverage for acupuncture services can be very hit and miss - a lot depends on where a person lives. In the US, Medicare/Medicaid do not typically cover acupuncture services. This puts a lot of folks in the position of paying cash for acupuncture. In the long run, though, this often works out to be cheaper than conventional treatments - especially given that, after a course of therapy, acupuncture's effects can persist for quite some time.

Lastly, if you're thinking about acupuncture to help with some health condition, please make sure you're seeing a provider who is licensed as an acupuncturist in your state. You want someone who attended and graduated from an accredited school of Chinese medicine and, ideally, is nationally board certified in acupuncture or oriental medicine. If you're not in CA, you can use's "Find a Practitioner" lookup to get a list of providers local to you.
It can be but not within a single treatment. Permanent cures most often also require permanent lifestyle changes. If you are not willing to make those changes, your cure will not last.