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Is acupuncture good for insomnia?

I am a 33 year old male and I have trouble sleeping. I want to know if acupuncture is good for insomnia?

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yes. I encourage you to book a session with your practitioner of choice to get help with relief.
Yes absolutely.
Yes! Acupuncture can be very helpful for insomnia.
For sure it calms your mind and balances hormones.

It's great for insomnia!
Yes, acupuncture from a licensed acupuncturist can be helpful to address insomnia. The type or cause of the insomnia is diagnosed from a traditional Asian medical protocol first, and then a treatment method is designed for the individual.
Acupuncture can work for insomnia, you also need to find out your root cause. look at your lifestyle as well. Are your high stressed at work? Do you exercise enough during the day so that you are tired enough at night? Do you have season depression? People from the North East have less Sunshine effecting Melatonin levels so you might just need some Melatonin with Acupuncture. You find an Acupuncturist near you. that is licensed and belongs to the NCCAOM. Good Luck!
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Yes, acupuncture is good for insomnia. Insomnia can be tricky depending on the chronicity. If someone has had insomnia for many years, it can be very slow to improve. People who
have insomnia for a short duration can generally improve much quicker. I have noticed that in general it is always good to have healthy sleeping habits and not deprive oneself of sleep due to work and very busy schedules for a long time. The people who do tend to develop chronic sleeping difficulties. Anyhow, consult with an acupuncturist who has experience with
it and you should be able to have improvements.
Good luck.
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Acupuncture treatment is very good for insomnia.

David Chen, L.Ac. S.M.E.
Yes, it can help
Yes, acupuncture can definitely help with insomnia...there are many causes for insomnia, so your acupuncturist will evaluate your health history & prescribe a protocol to help you with your will take several visits, depending on how long you have been experiencing these symptoms.
I hope this was helpful.

Mary Hills, DACM, LAc
Yes. Acupuncture can help with insomnia and other sleep disturbances.
Yes, acupuncture works well for insomnia.
Acupuncture is great for insomnia!
Acupuncture can help with insomnia by restoring energetic balance to the body, mind, and spirit.
Yes, acupuncture can help with insomnia, but it will probably take a series of treatments.
Acupuncture is good for insomnia.
In my experience, it works very well for most. I can't really think of a patient that did not respond to treatment who continued to get treated long enough.
Acupuncture and herbs can be very helpful for insomnia.
Yes, acupuncture has an excellent track record in treating insomnia. Please make sure you're seeing a board certified and state licensed acupuncturist. If you aren't in CA, you can use the "Find a Practitioner" lookup at
Yes, acupuncture is very effective for insomnia.
Yes. Acupuncture can be very effective in treating insomnia.
It does help insomnia.
Yes, acupuncture can definitely help with insomnia.