Psychiatrist Questions ADHD

Is Adderall the only form of treatment for ADHD?

My son takes Adderall to treat his ADHD, but I'm not really comfortable with it being treated with pharmacological medications. Are there other treatments or therapies available?

7 Answers

For ADHD, stimulants are the gold standard treatment. There are two including amphetamine products, like Adderall, and methylphenidate products. Other, non-stimulant medications include atomoxetine, guanfacine, clonidine and some other medications but generally these are not as effective for the core symptoms of ADHD. It is also useful to have help with creating structure, keeping a regular schedule, help with organizing. Some people use high ratio EPA fatty acids or B vitamins to aid in symptoms of ADHD, but the effectiveness of this tends to be limited. Exercise, healthy diet, and regular sleep are part of good structure.
If your son is suffering from a true physical ADD and not psychological factors that can mimic ADD then, unfortunately, medication is the best answer.
There are several different medications for ADHD. There are also behavioral therapies which can be helpful.
No, there are other therapeutic options, both controlled substances and not. There are also non- medication options such as neurofeedback.
There are many different medications including stimulants and non-stimulants. Herbal remedies are not FDA-approved, but some find them effective.
Neurofeedback can be quite helpful.

Rose Gomez, M.D.
There are many, many medications that treat ADHD. In addition to types of stimulants (which include adderall), there are many methyl phenidate based medications, and there is another category including guanfacine or intuitive. For non pharmacologic treatment, there is neurofeedback.