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Is anxiety and depression a disability?

I am a 32 year old male. I have anxiety and depression. Is anxiety and depression a disability?

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In some cases, anxiety and depression can be debilitating but with the right treatment, a combination of taking medication, prescribed by a licensed psychiatrist or nurse practitioner and regular mental health therapy, with a licensed therapist, it can be managed.
Depression and anxiety are often quite responsive to treatment. So it’s not a disability in the sense that there is nothing that can be done. Go seek treatment and DONT GIVE UP after one try. It can take a while to get results.
Nancy J Warren, PhD
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Depression and anxiety are not disability. They are mental health issues. However, you may get qualified as disabled (by social security office) if your symptoms are debilitating and persistent regardless of medication and therapy. There are many types of treatment for them.
I hope I answered your question.

Dr. Rosana Marzullo-Dove
Good Afternoon,

Both moderate to severe depression and/or anxiety can impair a person's ability to engage in day-to-day activities. may impair your ability function (poor memory, inability to process information effectively/speedily to perform tasks at home/work/school; slow your motor skills/abilities such as walking at your normal pace; interfere with your normal sleeping patterns causing you to sleep too much or experiencing difficulty sleeping; increased irritability; suicidal thinking; decreased sex drive; feelings of hopelessness/worthlessness; increase/decrease appetite (just to name a few impairments).
I recommend you seriously concern seeking professional help either with a psychologist (for therapy) and/or psychiatrist  (for medication). The best recommended treatment is talk therapy and medication therapy for the most effective treatment. Hopefully, this is helpful.
Dr. Willliams
It can be depending on the extent of the ability to function. For example, this might include one's ability to work, attend school, care for others (i.e., children), or perform everyday normal tasks and responsibilities. In many cases, depression and anxiety may diminish everyday functioning and may not necessarily disable a person. Seeking a metal health assessment should be considered -- perhaps psychotherapy and/or medication.
To qualify as a disability take a look at this link.

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