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I worry too much about death. Is this normal?

I have a fear of death. If people around me are ill, my mind is overcome by negative thoughts and I start thinking they might die. I know it isn't rational. What should I do to change this?

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Counseling would be most likely to help. There are also apps for mindfulness which could be helpful.
Your fear is very debilitating. See psychiatrist. Appropriate psychotherapy will help you overcome it
if it has been longer then 6 months and have other symptoms like being irritable having kedup feeling and have excessive worries with poor attention and concentration and feeling fatigued and having muscle aches this could be generalized anxiety disorder and that is not normal you should see a psychiatrist
Yes it's rational to think about death and everybody does die.

In the big book of life all living are to transmit our DNA to the next generation. After that all being are useless. In fact a lot of insects die just after procreation.

So consider that whatever you live beyond procretion time is just a gift of nature and be happy and cherish that gift.
Consider seeing a therapist.
I'm always confused by questions about what is "normal". I prefer to consider such questions in terms of "Is this healthy?". The key to the answer is in your heading. You say you worry "too much" about death. That suggests that it might feel like a problem for you. Do your thoughts of others' dying interfere with whatever it is you are trying to do in the moment? If you are trying to express your feelings or other appropriate sentiments, do your thoughts cause you to act or say things awkwardly or feel uncomfortable in the presence of someone who is ill? If you know someone who you can trust to confide in about such matters, you may want to speak with them to address these questions. Or if no one springs to mind that could be trusted with such sharing, then perhaps you may wish to consult a counselor or therapist to help you decide whether your thoughts are problematic or not and, if so, how to better manage or cope with them.
This is an issue that requires more information. I can’t tell from your letter how much too much is. It seems you worry enough that you are concerned about it, but being around sick people and wondering if they are going to die is not, in itself, a problem. If the amount of worry you have is keeping you from work or social activities, then it may be a problem. You probably need to talk to someone, a counselor, priest, or such to get more of a feel about whether or not you worry “too much.“

Good luck.

Death is a natural process. All living things go through a life cycle. We live and we die. Some die earlier associated to diseases or accidents. Human society behavior tends to overvalue life. Death is usually not spoken of or taught most of the time. No matter your beliefs, either religious or personal, death will be the end your life on earth. If you have negative thoughts about illness and jump to the conclusion that individuals will die, then it is most likely your beliefs and personal experiences in this life have taken you to reach that thought. We form bonds and attachments to individuals we love and appreciate. We want them to be with us forever and the thought of losing them is frightening. We must train ourselves to let go of everything we fear to lose (like Yoda said). If these thoughts affect your overall functionality and quality of life, then therapy can be an option. Psychotherapy, especially cognitive behavioral therapy, helps improve thoughts and emotions associated to your beliefs.

Hope this helps.